Psyche Delico: Choco Strawberry Vanilla

I’ve never read a story about a multi-person relationship that convinced me that it was a healthy relationship where everyone got what they wanted and there was a balance, not like 50/50, but in the sense that the way things were truly worked for them. And this is really no different in that aspect; however, it’s that imbalance that makes the story work. It’s the mangaka’s choice not to pretend like there aren’t any issues and everyone is happy that makes the story work.

Hiroi, Take, and Mine are all idiots. Although the story ended the way that it did, I think there’s a strong possibility that something similar to what happened in Hiroi’s previous relationship will happen again, even though Mine is so in love with Hiroi. And I would be first in line to read that as the basis for the continuation if Psyche actually wrote it.

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