Ootsuki Miu: Melancholic Mellow Mellow

I can’t see the happy ending. Actually, I can’t see the happy anything. Madoka is a manipulative coward and Yuuta is an idiot. I don’t like when characters test others because they’re too scared to make the first move. Rape is not a move. Yuuta said “no,” but still let Madoka stay and even continued the sexual relationship while feeling confused about what was really going on. That’s his prerogative, but he still complains. Until the end they didn’t make anything clear. Madoka just did what he wanted and Yuuta just let himself be spun in circles. And what’s with the whole “I actually love you so I’m going to treat you well” attitude Madoka takes on at the end? I understand being hesitant in a new relationship. You don’t want to give all of yourself until you know the other person is as serious as you are. But there’s nothing about holding back that dictates that you need to be a selfish jerk until you’re sure about the other person’s sincerity or willingness. What’s so hard about being nice and being demonstratively appreciative of the person from the beginning? What’s so hard about it? If Yuuta has to have a breakdown before they address any issues, there’s no way they can sustain that relationship.

Without much effort, I can see Yuuta being suspicious of Madoka and someone else, holding it in, showing up at Icchan’s store very much inebriated, and then going on a drunken rampage and taking a knife to Madoka’s throat or somewhere lower. He’s all puddy in Madoka’s hands right now, but Madoka doesn’t realize that with all that kneading and folding and manipulating, he’s slowly shaping that puddy into a nervously wrecked maniac.

And the included oneshot is nothing but more cowards.

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