Nishida Higashi: President Momoi-kun

{Nishida Higashi} President Momoi-kun [4.4

This was a bit of a roller coaster. Nishida is certainly in rare form. While there is a story being told, the manga is also a commentary on manga tropes and commonly suspended elements of reality. I had so much fun reading this. The pacing is rather interesting. You get used to laughing out loud from the beginning and then, seemingly out of nowhere, your mood has been subdued and you’re feeling a little sad. And just when your heart is embracing a careful moment … BAM! she’s got you laughing again. There are a number of unexpected moments as well as neon sign-wearing cliches; both do double duty in wrapping you up in the story and emphasizing the commentary, all without ever breaking the 4th wall or disrupting the flow. After the week I had where I too wondered what exactly my company does, this really hit the spot.

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