How many of my followers have watched Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad?


If you haven’t, you really should get on it. You’re missing one of my favourite and better anime out there. Don’t let the art style or the fact it’s 8 years old put you off. It’s such an excellent story. 



Hear, hear! I have and I love it to pieces. I bought the DVD and watched one disc each day until I got to the end of disc 5 and I just couldn’t go on. That simple exchange between Koyuki and Sato made handy work of my emotions and turned me into a mess of tears and snot and heaving. It was another six months before I had the courage to watch the last disc. I haven’t been that emotional about finishing a book/movie/series since I read Sanctuary (the first manga I ever read—which took me three weeks to turn the last two pages of volume 9). Don’t worry, the rest was not as heartbreaking as that moment and the story ended well.

What got me interested in it in the first place was Harold Sakuishi’s (the manga author) Under the Bridge oneshot which was all about him meeting RHCP (one of my favorite bands). Most of the characters’ playing styles and music philosophies are modeled after some American and British musicians. If you like some Classic Rock, a bit of Funk, and the type of Rock that was coming out of the US and UK during the 90s, you’ll love the music in the movie and on the soundtracks (with a lot of work by BECR!). I think the way they handled the music in the English dub was great and sometimes better than the original. I recommend this series from the bottom of my heart!

Thanx, Mandy, for putting it out there!

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