Tojitsuki Hajime: Sakitcho Dakedemo

I enjoyed this collection, but I really wanted to read more about the DJ and the MC. I wanted to read more about all of the characters, even the ones that didn’t move me–they were all interesting in their own way. It’s hard to pin down or rather, there’s a word or short phrase that perfectly describes Tojitsuki’s work, but I don’t know what it is, but I like it regardless. Although, she’s another one that likes to leave you hanging.

When I first read this I was really confused because her art changed quite a bit. From long, lanky, sinuous bodies to stockier, squatter frames. However, I can still see a good bit of her previous style in the facial features. I like the urban style and setting she uses in the newer stories. I thought her character designs/silhouettes were reasonably diverse before, but I think using the urban style sort of broadened the variety of features in her toolbox. I was happy to see that she commented on the style in her atogaki.

Pensive, contemplative … something like that. The words will come to me eventually.

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