Eiki Eiki: Yuigon

This is related to Millennium Prime Minister (one of my favorite Eiki titles); it’s both a prequel and a sequel and tells the story of how the PM and Ryouichi met. Very much like most of Eiki’s work, you have hilarious moments tangled up with lots of “are they gonna?” sitting on top of a pile of shadowy secrets. My heart aches for Ryouichi and the predicament he finds himself eternally in. It’s really sad because even though he made such an effort not to betray Kanata, I think Kanata felt betrayed anyway. It’s like Gift of the Maji.

This also includes a continuation of Matsumoto and Sai’s relationship from Millennium. I don’t remember all the details of their situation–even though my shoujo bookshelf is less than 2 feet away, I didn’t feel like getting up to refresh my memory–but this follow up was enjoyable.

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