Basso: Amato Amaro

Reading Basso’s work is like reading the paper and overhearing some conversations in the park on a Sunday afternoon.

I liked Vittorio Conti from the first 3 stories; he likes nudging at people’s points of contention and he does things specifically to provoke people, but I don’t think he sits down to plan these things out. It seems more like, once it’s on his radar, there isn’t much he can do to stop it from happening. It’s like a reflex. Additionally, his casual attitude is one that can come off as dismissive of the threats against him, further angering those wishing him harm and inciting bitterness within those trying to protect him. He’s a very interesting character.

My favorite story in the collection was “Differenza.” It ends and you realize … And I just wanted to cry. That kind of love and sacrifice, to assume that kind of responsibility, to accept that level of strain for someone else’s sake. Wow, Mauro. Even trying to describe it after all this time brings tears to my eyes.

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