Ogawa Chise: Gosan no Heart

I enjoyed this. The main story is my kind of story. Ogawa’s really good at derailing her characters’ plans. She likes to make them lose their way only to find themselves where they belong, though that’s usually not where they were headed. Udou submits to Miki who in turn submits to Udou who in turn, finds himself submitting even more to Miki and I think they’ll happily go on like that. I’d like to see Aniki get his own love so he can settle down and stop troubling his family. The second story was a tale about a baseball team’s ace pitcher and his kohai. Nothing out of the ordinary, just very sweetly told. The third introduced us to a project manager and the salesman who develops a crush on him. It was cute. I would love to see how their relationship develops.

EDIT: When I initially posted this Owaranai Fukou ni Tsuite no Hanashi was only a wish, and now I can’t wait to read it.

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