Zaria: The Defeat of a Certain Man ~ Axis Powers Hetalia Doujinshi



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[/twocol_one_last]I believe this is the first fandom doujinshi I’ve posted and I’m even not invested in APH, at all. I think the original work is an interesting concept and that there are countless doujinshi and some amazing fan art is enough to make me want to invest. But no. However, I am familiar with Zaria and her artwork and that’s why I spared a few moments for this DJ. I love the Art Deco influenced elements, composition, and coloration of the covers. And beyond that, I really enjoyed the story.

Germany looks so handsome and innocent with his hair down. The story develops well and the character interactions are subtle and funny. But most of all, there is a passion quietly building from the beginning. First, cool and contemplative; next, warm and sweet; then, hot and tense; followed by a brief lull that works it’s way back up the scale to a crescendo of sweet, sensual, crimson blush passion. And that’s just the main story; the omake is hot as well.

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