Takanaga Hinako: You Will Drown in Love V01-V03

I love this. Whenever I read this, it’s usually all 3 volumes back to back, 2 to 3 times, each time.

I like the way the story unfolds and the way Jinnai and Reiichirou deal with each other. One of the things I like most about it is that Reiichirou, although extremely reserved and socially awkward, is a resolute and relatively aggressive uke; he has a back bone and isn’t afraid to speak his mind or follow through on what he wants.

More than being sexy, the relationship between Jinnai and Reiichirou was quite sensual. I like the way Takanaga illustrates physical interaction. During consensual foreplay and sex, when her seme caress her uke, they aren’t usually teasing (in the sense of bullying) the uke and looking for a reaction, they really are trying to make the uke feel good. Moreover, the seme seem very much into the way the uke feel in their hands–the curves, the heat, the muscles, the bones, and the flesh; it all seems like an experience focused on tactility or confirmation of existence, something beyond simple penetration. This manner can even been seen when they’re just being around each other.

Reiichirou first appears in You Will Fall in Love.


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