Revenge S01E06-07

Lydia is in a coma.

Frank. Is he really into Victoria or is he scheming?

So, Tyler is in love with Daniel. Or is he trying to lay the groundwork for blackmail. Well, his pendulum definitely swings.

Good grief, Jack! Why did you have to get your heart-broken in front of me?

Nolan, how could you be so careless? All I could see were finger prints everywhere he touched. Lydia’s place is part of an ongoing investigation. Will the police talk to him or will the investigation just fade into the background like the one for Michelle’s abduction?

The interviewer, Melissa Something-or-another, I remember her from Jericho.

Connections – What’s with the in with the warden? I hope they reveal how that came about. There’s got to be more to it than just the donations. I’m certain the warden had a hand in getting Emily prepped for destruction.

Nolan – I really do like him, but it’s a little heartbreaking how lonely he is. His face when Jack told him to play elsewhere–so sad. I know him from something else, though. He reminds me of the guy from Pumpkin with Christina Ricci.

Enter the real Emily Clarke. I knew she wasn’t just going to roll over for Frank. But he can’t be dead. I don’t think anyone’s dead, not even Daniel from the show opening. Well, maybe her father is, but we’ll see.

Declan was dead wrong about Emily; she never led Jack on. Not once. Besides, he’s an adult and he made the decision to approach her. Declan’s going to have to get rid of that chip on his shoulder if I’m ever going to like him for more than his voice and accent. I know him from somewhere as well.

Lydia woke up. Is Conrad there for comfort or damage control?

I’m not surprised at all about Tyler and Nolan individually, but together… never saw that coming. I really need Nolan to keep his wits about him. The fact that he recorded their little tryst lets me know that he understands that they aren’t playing games. As long as he remains his untrusting self, it will be one less thing I need to worry about.

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