Answer Me 1997

I am embarking on a journey into the world of Korean Drama/KDrama. My first stop is Answer Me 1997, also known as Reply 1997. It’s story told in flashback about high school kids and ways they succeed and fail while navigating through life, love, and friendship. So, let’s get started.

Somewhat related, but completely unimportant is the fact that, as much as I find school uniforms adorable, I am glad that I graduated high school a year or two before the Philadelphia school system decided to transition into a uniform dress code. However, I’m sure my mother would tell you that the gray t-shirt, blue jeans, and black leather jacket and Tim’s I wore nearly everyday was my uniform.

This may be a tough one. I am much more familiar with the sounds of the Japanese language than I am with Korean, so there’s going to be a period of adjustment. That being the case, I am committing myself to the first season—which seems to be 16 episodes–just to be fair. I don’t think there is a second season, but we’ll see.

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