Notes: Cold Series


{Konohara Narise & Saikawa Nanao} Cold Fever

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[Juné Novels] {Konohara Narise & Saikawa Nanao} Cold Light [4.3]

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[Juné Novels] {Konohara Narise & Saikawa Nanao} Cold Sleep [4.3]


I was looking at the cover of Cold Fever (novel) by Konohara Narise & Saikawa Nanao and briefly thought that the artwork resembled Asou Mitsuaki’s work. And wouldn’t you know, Asou is doing the work for the manga series. Although some part of me thinks I knew this already. I enjoyed the Cold novel series, so I hope someone picks up the manga. There are parts that could turn out to be pretty cheesy in the wrong hands, but I think Asou’s vacant world/alone in a crowd approach to storytelling will do justice by this series. It would great if the manga also included the extra short story series “Class Reunion” as well.

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