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Natsuki Zippo: Wolf Magic

The first story was OK, kind of sad at points, and while I’d read it again, I would have preferred if the whole volume was just about the title story. When I look at the cover, I get the feeling that Higuchi, the one on the left, is an overgrown hopeless case in love with […]

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Isino Aya: Sink Into You

This is a collection of stories and it’s a perfect example of what I don’t like about collections. Sometimes too sparse, too superficial, or too aimless. Rarely enough to sink my teeth into. Drip – It wasn’t bad, but there seemed to be no modulation; it was to the point where I was ready to […]

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Maeda Sakae & Takamure Tamotsu: Jazz V01-V02

Volume 1 I decided to finally read Maeda Sakae and Takamure Tamotsu’s Jazz after having it for too long. This is not exactly a play by play, but there are spoilers, so be warned. Jazz is a four-volume series about a pushover doctor, Narusawa, and his mentally unstable younger boyfriend, Naoki. Of course that is […]

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{Aida Saki & Takashina Yuu} Deadlock V01 [4.7]

Aida Saki & Takashina Yuu: Deadlock V01

I have been waiting for this forever. I have been waiting for this even before it was a thing. I wanted to read Aida Saki and Takashina Yuu’s Deadlock novel series, but I knew the chances of it getting licensed in English were pretty low, so I hoped for a manga adaptation. Of course there […]

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