Strangely Katie: Princess Princess

This was extremely cute and probably too funny for me to be reading at whatever o’clock in the A.M. that I was reading it. It stealthily and not so stealthily confronts issues like body image, idealism, privilege, gender expectations, and a few others. Many modern stories about good versus evil either ends with the villain remorseful and repentant or totally obliterated in some fashion, so it was nice to see that rather than being reformed, the baddie was–ha!–transformed. Fairy Tales were always good for that.

strangelykatie’s color palette for this comic is full of desaturated colors that remind me of a victorian garden or tea shop (sans the white canvas). There are a number of panels that I really want to cut out and smash in someone’s face and say, “here, read this; it’s a freakin’ hoot!” I’m sure smashing is frowned upon in polite society, so it’s a great thing that I don’t live in one. As such, I’m going to cheerfully accost you guys with some peachy-keen prismatic panels of Princess Princess, like these for starters:




Now, if you’ve been sufficiently smashed, mosey on over to read it.

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