Miyamoto Kano’s Hydra/Rules Chronology

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  1. Say Please c05 – Ocean’s Cage, Sky’s Door
  2. Kiss [DJ]
  3. Kiss After [DJ]
  4. Skies [Hydra DJ]
  5. Hydra 1+2+3+4 [Hydra DJ]
  6. Hydra c05 [Hydra DJ]
  7. Hydra c06 [Hydra DJ]
  8. Heavenly [Hydra DJ]
  9. Hydra c07 [Hydra DJ]
  10. Hydra c08 [Hydra DJ]
  11. Blue Film First [Hydra DJ]
  12. Hydra c09 [Hydra DJ]
  13. Hydra c10 [Hydra DJ]
  14. The Days Before [Hydra DJ]
  15. Hydra c11 [Hydra DJ]
  16. Hello Again [Hydra DJ]
  17. Real Thing [Hydra DJ]
  18. Lovers and Souls c03 – Sleeping Beauty
  19. Lovers and Souls c01 – Lovers and Souls
  20. Fragile [Rules DJ]
  21. Lovers and Souls c02 – Vanity (also a DJ)
  22. Rules v03 x01
  23. Rules v01
  24. Rules v02
  25. Rules v03 c01-c05
  26. If Winter Comes, Can Spring be Far Behind [Rules DJ]
  27. Song Birds [Rules DJ]
  28. Another Day on the Planet [Rules DJ]
  29. Another Story [Rules DJ]
  30. Double-Trouble [Rules DJ]
  31. Overload [Rules DJ]
  32. Rules 2nd



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