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Haikyuu!!--Takeda Ittetsu-01

Notes: Haikyuu!!

I had a fleeting thought a long while back and I dismissed it because the math is all wrong, but it just came back to me: What if Takeda is the Small Giant? Parents divorced and now he has his mother’s maiden name; possibly lost his memory in an accident or wishes to remain anonymous, […]

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Haikyuu!!--Tsukishima Kei-01

Notes: Haikyuu!! – Tsukishima Kei

I love how infuriated opponents get when they get blocked by Tsukki and he looks like he just doesn’t care; it makes them feel like they just put in all that effort for nothing. They don’t like it when he smirks either and they would probably take it better if he was just making it look […]

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Furudate Haruichi: Haikyuu!! V10-V12

From the beginning, as soon as he was introduced, I knew exactly where Tsukki’s apathy came from and where that disdain for Hinata and Kageyama’s fervor came from. I knew it would be because he witnessed someone else’s crushing disappointment and had to face a truth he never considered. However, I was always baffled by […]

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Furudate Haruichi: Haikyuu!! V04-V06

The series is still good; I’m just as excited as I was after reading the first volume. He doesn’t go too deep into it, but I was happy to see Kenma’s annoyance with the senpai-kouhai relationship. The other instances in which I’ve seen it mentioned in relation to someone’s dissatisfaction, it was always laughed off. […]

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Furudate Haruichi: Haikyuu!! V01-V03

This is a fun series. Even though my BFF plays volleyball, I know nothing of the sport, but I’m learning. And I think that’s one of the reasons I like this series so much. I’m pretty familiar with basketball, baseball, swimming and cycling from first-hand or support participation, so, even though those manga/anime rattle my […]

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