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2016 Book Queue: BL Print

For various reasons, I haven’t read my print titles for a long time, but that hasn’t stopped me from collecting them. However, recently, I’ve found the time, space, and motivation to get back into them. So, along with my other reading list, here’s what I’ll be getting into for the foreseeable future–in no particular order. […]

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2016 Book Queue

I’m challenging myself to forego rereading a favorite and to instead read something I haven’t read before. This is totally a no-pressure thing for me because I hate obligations, but I think I can do it, so I’m putting it out there. It seems simple enough, but I have so many books that I haven’t […]

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Here’s a sample of what’s on my desk” Cory McCallum & Matthew Daley: Errol Dynamic #1 Marvel: Stephen King’s N. – I started this way back when it debuted on Adobe Air TV, the first iteration. I couldn’t remember who it was by and trying to search for a comic call “N” was really difficult when […]

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The New 52 – Batman

I’ll be starting this series soon V01 Batman: The Court of Owls – Issues #1-7 V02 Batman: The City of Owls – Issues #8-12, Annual #1 V03 Batman: Death of the Family – Issues #13-17 V04 Batman: Zero Year – Secret City – Issues #0, #21-24, Annual #2 V05 Batman: Zero Year – Dark City – Issues #25-27, #29-33 Issues #18-20 aren’t collected as far […]

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