48-Hour Giveaway: 801 2016


Happy 801! This year hasn’t seen much in the way of traditional BL on my plate, but I’ve been knee deep in it for a decade, give or take a year, and I love it still. It has opened doors to many things, like other genres, favorite authors and illustrators, and great friends and followers. And regardless of this year’s drought, I don’t see myself leaving it behind anytime soon. But it’s not like I’ve been doing nothing with the time that would have usually been devoted to BL manga–I’ve been exploring some of the stories related to and inspired by (according to this fujoshi) Japan’s most important export and having a blast to boot!

This year, like some before, I’m celebrating 801 with a giveaway. Since this my first 801 on this new blog, I’d like to celebrate by giving you guys a chance to try something new (or new to you). Two fortunate souls will each get to choose one of the titles pictured below. Just leave a comment telling me about your first BL ____ and how you feel about it now. Your first fave, first kink, first purchase, first whatever you please, just tell me about in the comment section below.

Giveaway ends Wednesday, August 3, 2016 at 9:00 am EST (-4 UTC)

{GuiltPleasure} In These Words v01

Velvet Toucher--Lost in the Snow V01

{Itoshi & Aldaria} The Hourglass

{Alex Woolfson & Winona Nelson} Artifice

Jen Lee Quick--Off Beat V01

Hazel & Bell--Always Raining Here V01

Malin Ryden & Emma Vieceli--BREAKS Prologue-a

Suzana Harcum & Owen White--Tripping Over You V01

Lucid--Avialae C01

Winners will be announced here, Twitter, and Tumblr at some time on Wednesday, August 3, 2016.

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  • I had to REALLY think about these…
    First fave: Gakuen Heaven
    First kink: Police/Military uniforms
    First purchase: Man’s Best Friend by Takashima Kazusa
    First whatever-type: Oji-san. I’ve never found older men appealing till I read BL. xD

    • You didn’t have to answer them all, but Oji-sans are the best! But how do you feel about them now?

      • But I wanted to! >///<
        I still adore Oji-sans. Especially how Naono Bohra draws 'em or Ike Reibun. Gosh I love both of their styles. <3

        • My fave for oji-sans is Monden Akiko, but Ike is definitely on the list!

          • OH! I like her work, too. Had to look up which titles I’d read by her.

  • Alex Akira

    My first BL was the anime Boku No Sexual Harassment. I tripped along it by accident and could not tear my eyes away! I still love this BL, such an exacting mix of wonderful artwork, a great musical score and a terrific story.
    My next favorite BL is Youka Nitta’s entire Embracing Love and When a Man loves a Man series… Can I get an “Oh Iwaki-san” please. : ) The story and artwork are superb!
    Gosh there are simply too many good BL’s, but I am totally loving everything by Guilt Pleasure right now…more fantastic art and intriguing story lines!
    Okay even though Deathnote is not officially yaoi…it works in a yaoilicious way…for me anyway.
    Happy 801!

    • Oh my! What is this cuteness?!

      I can only imagine what you looked for after Boku No Sexual Harassment piqued your interest.

      Embracing Love! Nitta has such a flair for drama, but she somehow avoids going too far over the top. When a Man Loves a Man… I wished otherwise for the ending, but it’s still one of my favorites of hers.

      I’m so head over heels for G|P. They are an amazing group of women serving it up dark, sexy, and intriguing!

  • Jen H

    Wow, those are all new titles to me. I got into BL quite by happenstance. I was watching anime No. 6, and fell completely in love with nezumi and shion’s relationship, so of course I scooped all the manga up, which led to searching for similar so my next one would be junjou romantica and SIH. The rest is history.

    • JR! I still have my v01-v12 from Blu. That might have been my first real dropped title heartbreak. Now I’m slowly but surely collecting SuBLime’s SIH.

      • Jen H

        I can’t believe I didn’t know it had been dropped by the English publisher until now, but I’ve reading updates on scan sites, so I thought it was just delayed. I too have hard copies of that one, and SIH, and I was soooo happy to get my hands on Twittering Birds Never Fly, volumes 1 and 2!!!!

        • Yeah, but rather than dropped, Blu went out of business back in 2010 thanx to Tokyopop. JR might have been the first heartbreak, but Voice or Noise, which was also from Blu, was the biggest. I wish some one would rescue that so I can complete the series.

  • My first BL purchase was “Author’s Pet” by Deathco Cotorino. I got into BL comparatively later than most people, so like 17. I waited until I was 18 and to celebrate my new adult status, I dragged all of my friends to the bookstore to watch me buy a BL manga. It was a local bookstore chain at the mall and they had a tiny mature manga section in the romance aisle. I legitimately thought I was going to be carded for my purchase, but alas I was not. The book itself is awful, the sex scenes are painfully stiff, and my least favorite BL that I own, but I still keep it for the memories.

    • Goodness! If 17 is comparatively late, what is my 29-30?

      Sentimental value is the number one reason we allow things to collect dust. I have a few shelves dedicated to dusty memories.

  • nemubits

    I also got into BL late (closer to 27 than 17), and so have a digital record of my first BL purchase: Wed Feb 13, 2013 Devil’s Honey by Natsume Isaku. My next purchase was The Match Seller, which kicked off my Kusama Sakae thing.

    • Really?! I never would have thought. Not that I assumed your BL tenure was long, but I never would have thought that I knew (of) you when it was still a nascent thing. Better late than never!

      • nemubits

        Yep! I just checked, I started my first Tumblr on 11/11/11 (huh) and I know at that point I didn’t plan on getting involved in BL, not sure if I was reading it regularly at that point. I actually remember choosing to read SIH over JR early in my BL explorations because I thought the countdown meant I’d see a resolution (hah). Onodera Ritsu 12 was the most recent issue at the time, but I also know that was after I started reading Fumi Yoshinaga and Miyamoto Kano’s stuff, so I don’t have a hard date.

        • That’s quite the date. After suffering the continuously recycled plot of JR, I wasn’t too keen on picking up SIH, but ended up going for it for the same reason.

          YF and MY! Two of my faves! No matter how digital I go, I will always want their titles in print if they’re available.

    • You won! Congrats!

  • Kon Hiwatari K.

    can you believe me if I tell you I can’t remember my first BL? but I do remember my first hard yaoi manga and how traumatizing it was, but still it didn’t make me leave xD. A (new) friend lent me a USB memory with some mangas and most of them were just BL, no smut, except the oneshot’s/extras of Gravitation… they were realy hard yaoi, and weird [who the fuck puts a knife up there???!!!!!]. That friend also introduced me to a lot of good mangakas, she’s better at names than myself xD.
    My first purchase I think was I Give to You by Ebishi Maki, I still like it a lot, the art is really cute, and there’s a cat.
    HAPPY 801 DAY!

    • I don’t remember my first title either, so it’s not hard to believe. If I knew BL was going to take over my life, I would have committed it to memory, so I could always pinpoint the catalyst for my downfall.


      I had I Give to You, but I sold it or gave it away. Though I regret it. Not that I even liked it all that much, but I just usually end up regretting parting with books.

      But I’m so glad you survived the trauma! If you hadn’t, where would we be?

  • I don’t know if I’d actually call it BL. Gay romance, perhaps? Anyway, the webcomic Metanoia which is currently on indefinite hiatus. Not the first I ever read, but it’s still the only thing I’ve ever really been a part of the fandom for. I met my oldest friend on the LJ community for the comic, and it was sort of where The Slash Pile was born forth from.

    • Two histories in one! Awesome! The Slash Pile is a wondrous thing! It helped ease me back into M/M which I’d pretty much given up on. Left to my own devices, I usually found more duds than diamonds, but one day I found a really great author and my faith in the genre was tentatively restored, but I was still at a loss as to how to find more. Then I remembered I followed the TSP’s Tumblr and the rest is, not quite history, but rather the last couple months of reviews on this blog. So, thanx!

      “Indefinte hiatus” is one of the saddest phrases within the legacy of sad phrases.

      • I’m glad we could help! We started as an LJ community back in I think… 2007? We’ve been around for a LONG time.

        And yes, indefinite hiatus is a very sad phrase. I think they’re actually planning on a reboot when they finally get back into it, but there’s not been much word on it for the last few years. It’s written by Jesse Hijicek who is also my favourite fiction author.

  • cherryfetish

    First BL: I’m not sure about this one, but there’s a 90% chance it was junjou romantica (that or Maiden rose), YES, so cliché it pains me to even think about it, I’ve always felt bad about art and story (definitely not my fave), but I still managed to like it with all my lil fujoshi heart and when the 3rd season came out I couldn’t help but watch it, then catch up on the manga… because I don’t know? I like misaki a lot??? as a character, I can identify with him some times so I can’t help but still like this silly manga haha;; and for the fun of it I’ll also tell you about my first kink; which is simple and you probably already knew hahahhh;; but BDSM! yay, I specially like, shibari/bondage, that’s some form of art *thumbs up*

    • I think JR is probably a lot of people’s first, though I’d never recommend it as a first because what is anatomy?

      Yeah, you could’t hide that kink if you tried!

  • Janny Huang

    My first BL kink is the threesome (and double penetration came later, which totally blew my mind when I stumbled upon it) in the Finder series. I mean, technically, my first kink would be toys and aphrodisiacs (but I’m breaking the system!). Anyhow, I remember my face feeling very hot when Akihito gets freaking spit-roasted in the onsen scene. Following that chapter, I started looking through the “threesome” tag, which eventually led to the double penetration kink and one kink led to another.

    Honestly, as much as I try to deny it, I still love the threesome kink, as well as the toys, aphrodisiacs, double penetration, and almost all the kinks (no body mutilation because I’m not into that), but I don’t look at the “threesome” tag anymore. It’s more like the threesome is an added bonus to the story. (Currently, my favorite kink is the like. I’m not entirely sure what it’s called but it’s like when the Lover 1 is watching as Lover 2 gets pleasured by another person AND THIS IS ONLY BECAUSE I RECENTLY READ THIS BOOK THAT HAD THAT SCENE AND IT LEFT ME BLUSHING REAL HARD.)

    I AM ONE KINKY PERSON AND FOREVER WILL BE AND I AM A LITTLE BIT SORRY. (I’m actually very sorry, but you’ll never catch me saying that again <3)

    • “Spit-roasted”?! If you could hear me laughing right now! 3-p was more of a curiosity for me, now, I don’t know what it is. The sex is usually interesting, but the stories rarely grab me, but Psyche Delico’s Choco Strawberry Vanilla was a good one and I’m totally looking forward to Zakk’s Canis – The Speaker (Mafia) story line.

      …What was that recently read book?

      • Janny Huang

        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) CSV is such a cute (and weird) series. ALSO I HAVE BEEN OBSESSED WITH ZAKK’S CANIS. The art and the first three volumes stole my heart away. I think The Speaker is great so far with the mafia’s backstory (but I’m still waiting for the sex).

        Let me tell you about this series called Captive Prince by CS Pacat. It has been my life for the past few weeks and I have been obsessed with this trilogy and I am so sad that it’s over (except there’s going to be 3 extra short stories soon so I’m happy!) So basically, Captive Prince is about the Prince of Akielos Damianos who gets captured and shipped to the Prince of Vere Laurent as a bed slave, except it’s almost like a death sentence since Vere and Akielos are enemies. (It may sound like a romance book so far, but I can assure you that there’s a lot of plot in these books.) You can probably read the blurb of the first book on Goodreads and let me know what you think! (I’m just going to drop a fact here: CS Pacat is an amazing writer and I think you’d definitely enjoy these books.)

        • I’ve heard of the Captive Prince series, but I’m not into the master/slave dynamic, the same way I’m not a fan of the teacher/student dynamic. Though there are exceptions to the latter. However, when I read that one of the princes was gray-ace and the other was bisexual, it did pique my interest, but I’m hesitant to look further into it. Can you tell me anything about the slave aspect without getting too spoilery?

    • Congrats! You won!

      • Janny Huang

        GAAAAH Thank you for this opportunity <3. I feel so honored!

        • You’re welcome! Enjoy!

  • Nicole

    I think the first real BL I read was Star Fighter by HamletMachine. That was, well, quite the introduction.

    • How do you even manage that? Not that it’s obscure or anything, but wow, I can’t even imagine the page clicks that lead you to that. Or was it a recommendation? And where do you go after that? Did you look for more of the same?

      • Nicole

        I think I was looking for recommendations for new webcomics to read on Goodreads of all places, and it was one of the most popular in the webcomic category so I figured why not. I really had no idea what I was getting into haha, but hey the art was pretty!
        I never really seek out BL specifically, but I’ve accidentally come across a handful that I liked, mainly while getting into webcomics. I think TJ and Amal and Tripping Over You were the ones I started after finding Starfighter, and I started getting into fanfic around the same time.

        • Starfighter is pretty popular, but I’d never recommend it for a first. You might like Breaks and Always Raining Here–they’re both webcomics as well.

          Oddly enough, I got into webcomics and fanfic around the same time as well.

  • That’s a pretty decent place to start. I hardly remember the story anymore; it has been so long since I read it, but I do remember liking it a lot–a lot more than I thought I would at that.

    • Tolly

      Same, I wasn’t confortable with a non-con situation in volume one (no one seemed to care, that was the worst part) but I decided to give an opportunity to the second volume and it didn’t disappoint. Plus I found I loved relationships with an age gap.

  • dairytea

    My first BL purchase was Earthian by Yun Kouga. It’s an old series, but I still have it and love it. Now I’m tempted to dig it out of my closet and read it. Haha.

    • Wow! You got it in right under the wire!

      I’ve had that on my to-read list forever–even borrowed all 4 or 5 (?) volumes through Overdrive, but something always happens and I never get around to it, but I do want to read it.

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