New Arrivals: Even So, I Will Love You Tenderly

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It’s only been forever. Juné says that they don’t sell directly to Amazon, which, in and of itself, is not strange, but that they seem to have so little control over what happens to their books is. Both Amazon and B&N informed me that the publisher is the one that sets release dates. There’s a serious disconnect within the Juné pipeline. Here’s a little history on ESIWLYT:

11.06.2014 – License announced on FB. Possible Spring 2015 release.

05.07.2015 – I pre-ordered the book.

06.29.2015 – Following their most recent restructuring, Juné announced that it would be released in October 2015.

10.13.2015 – It’s released on eManga. You can say they still made it, but it’s a Juné title and the expectation is print and when they don’t clarify in their announcement that it will be released digitally first, you can just assume they intend to leave that loophole dangling at a distance so that they don’t hang themselves.

10.29.2015 – This was the initial print release date as listed on the DMI master catalogue.

11.03.2015 – The book’s first appearance in the Akadot newsletter tagged, Available Now. Assumed advanced copies.

11.17.2015 – Full stock on Akadot announced on FB.

03.08.2016 – The Amazon release date as confirmed on 02.06.2016. It changed a number of times prior to to this.

03.22.2016 – Actual Amazon Release date. As you can see, it’s already out of stock for Amazon.


03.23.2016 – “Your order of “Even So, I Will Love You…” has shipped!”

07.12.2016 – The B&N release date as confirmed today and previous days. I’m almost certain that this was an Amazon release date at one point as well.


Somewhere in the middle of that, the book disappeared from B&N and changed to an unavailable status on Amazon. I stopped getting Amazon shipment delay notices in September and then BAM! Here it is. This is a mess and it’s not particular to this book, this is par for the course for Juné.

My BFF and I have been friends since 1993, 11th grade. She suffers from chronic lateness. It’s to the point that I don’t get ready until she says she’s about 10 minutes away from or at our meetup point (which is now always closer to me). After years of waiting by myself for her to arrive 2 hours late or call and cancel when I’m already there, one day, I just stopped. I had been dealing with that nonsense almost for as long as I’ve known her.

For years, I had patience for very little else–I’ve always been quick to cut people off or stop doing whatever. And I think it’s because I never really had any patience to begin with and she sucked me dry of every last bit that my body could produce (for every person or thing I never gave a second chance, she’s why). However, in recent years, our meetups have decreased significantly and I somehow have patience in reserve.

This can be the only reason that I haven’t given up on Juné and have given them chance after chance after chance.

Well, I’m happy to finally have it. I haven’t read it yet, but I did flip through it, and got a nice surprise! Goodness! I love these two idiots! And I love Yoneda for bringing them to life!

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