Xchg: Thoughts on Kumou Tenka. And any ships in Donten Ni Waru?

Donten ni Warau--Kumo Tenka-02

Asked by circus-of-dreams

Tenka, Tenka, Tenka. Other than his tragic hair, he was great. I have something of a soft spot for characters that are carrying a great burden, but still manage to support others. Though I’m always saddened by the fact that they keep these things to themselves. I believe if he didn’t have the people in his life that he cared for, he would have sacrificed himself along time ago. Though that wouldn’t have helped much considering he wasn’t the vessel.

I admired the relationship he had with his brothers. He seemed the frivolous sort, but he was actually quite strict, though it was in their best interest that he was. He has an amazing heart; he’s forgiven so much and cared so much and that’s why people were able to overlook some of the things he did that basically amounted to betrayal. He kept really important things from Sousei, Chuutarou, and Soramaru, but even though they were hurt by it, they still forgave him. I love Tenka so much!

Ships? If you saw my reviews, then it’s probably no surprise that my main ship is Hirari and Botan. I just loved their story. Other than them, I don’t have any definite ships, but I’d love to see fanart of Takamine and Takeda, maybe Tenka and Shirasu, and if they were older, Soramaru and Nishiki.

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