Morimoto Shuu: Jinjuu Houretsuden V07


Morimoto Shuu--Jinjuu Houretsuden V07 [4.0]I know war is never without its casualties, but I would have been done it Long fell.

AH!!!!! Partners for life! Sealed with a kiss! Hu Lei and Xiang Lin are killing me!

OH MY GOD! Emperor!

Again! I’m all for the heart to heart, but they are in the middle of a fight and Yan Lang is just staring in confusion.

I don’t even need my BL goggles to understand the end of the battle. All I saw was Tuo Ren and Li Fang slow dancing on the battlefield and then Yan Lang had a mild heart attack. Then Tuo Ren stood and watched as his partner seduced another man right in front of him. He decided that he didn’t mind a threesome and Yan Lang considered it for a moment, but declined when he realized who it was that he really wanted to be with. He basically told, them that he was ok with just his hand and then he got off by himself while everyone stood and watched. An exhibitionist until the very end.

I feel like I had to go there because Morimoto doesn’t want to call this BL. But it’s hard to believe that when the scene returns to Jusenkai and the returning party is greeted by Feng Yu and his shadow, the Emperor, who has his hand on Feng Yu’s waist. Not to mention everything else that has happened up to this point. Really.

The denouement was nice and touching (both in terms of my heart and the characters). The extras about the Deputy, the banquet, and Li Fang’s parents were good as well. It had its moments where I really wanted to toss a book across the room, but overall, it was a good story with a strong plot, and very likeable characters. I think I will dig into the rest of her catalogue.

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