Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez: Locke & Key V06 Alpha & Omega


Omega Chapter 1

  • What are Duncan and Ty forging? Are they melting down the iron in the hook to make a key? What kind of key? Do you need to whisper to the iron to tell it what it’s supposed to do?
  • Regrets. While all of this is going on, Dodge is wreaking havoc.
  • When did Kinsey un-dye her hair?
  • Erin!
  • I didn’t realize the chapter was called “Our Regrets” until I got to the end.
  • So Dodge is at door 11 with the black key. But let’s rewind for a minute. What about the vision/dream Bode had about his dad ans the dog-like beast scratching at door number 1 on the floor?

Omega Chapter 2

  • A key that can’t be touched?
  • I was wondering when Rufus was going to make an appearance again.
  • Evil Place of Evil
  • I caught that last time, but what? Kinsey and Jamal? I don’t disapprove, but I don’t get it either.
  • I almost completed the thought, “who’s that guy” but on second glace I realized it was Jackie. Nice.

Omega Chapter 3

  • The statue’s head is covered by the tree and it looks creepy.
  • I see it, but I don’t know what it is.
  • No, it seems that the statue is headless. When did that happen?
  • The front of the roundabout in front of the house looks like the top of a doorway. But I think I’m just anxious and making something out of nothing.

Omega Chapter 4

  • Jordan actually has a purpose. Her penchant for flames comes in handy.
  • A gunshot wound. That’s going to complicate things.
  • So they’re trapped. Who has the giant key? That could be really useful.

Omega Chapter 5

  • In light of all of the things going on in the news, I really didn’t need to see this cop lose his s*** and fire one off at the black shadow. I really didn’t.
  • So she remembers the cabinet.
  • Erin!
  • On that note. I’m going to sleep on it.

Alpha Chapter 1

  • I really did go to sleep. This is the end I’m coming up on and I just don’t know what to expect.
  • Keys turn both ways.
  • I don’t have any words to describe what I’m feeling now.

Alpha Chapter 2

  • Loose ends.

I had a lot of complaints about this story throughout the first three volumes. There were inconsistencies in character development and a handful of character interactions that I just didn’t see a need for. My impressions about the first three volumes haven’t changed, but I did reach a point in the story where the story began to stand out more and, without sparing a thought for my objectivity, made short work of it and pretty much shut me up and pulled me all the way in.

In the most basic way, Locke & Key was great. It gave you characters, a reason to care about them, a journey for them to complete, lessons to learn, and losses to count. On top of that, it was clever, fun, and frightening about doing so. The story didn’t just grow on me–it took me over. And I let it. I became less interested in pulling it apart and more interested in putting it together. I was seduced by the mythology and it made me more forgiving and in turn I began to enjoy the story more. Eventually, I was simply too awestruck to say much of anything about it.

There are some things I’m still not clear on: what were Duncan and Ty forging the first time, what was in that shed that gave Bode back his body when it had been cremated, and what was the purpose of the doglike beast scratching on a door on the floor, when there were no doors on the floor? I’m not going to write about this–actually, I’m not even going to write about the story. It was a more than satisfactory ending, but my thoughts are incomplete, so I’d rather talk about it.

There is supposed to be a 7th volume with more backstory, etc. But I don’t know if it’s ever going to come out. And the film…

Final score [4.3]


Spoilers ho!

itanda replied: I don’t remember the other two, but I didn’t really get how Bode came back, either. (01.11.15)

So I went back to see about the dream in v01. I always remembered it as the number 1 on the door, but it was number 11. So that makes sense and it being on the floor doesn’t really mean all that much except to show Dodge in this form, I guess.

{Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez} Locke & Key v01 Welcome to Lovecraft-01

Jumping up to v06. Right after the second time Scot filmed Ty for the “do over” video, Ty went back to the foundry and and started pouring iron with Duncan.

{Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez} Locke & Key v06 Alpha & Omega-01

But I have no idea what they made–this happened after and it doesn’t look like it’s been touched.

{Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez} Locke & Key v06 Alpha & Omega-04

And he didn’t make the Alpha key until after they were attacked by the Shadows.

{Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez} Locke & Key v06 Alpha & Omega-02

Later, when the house was burning, they showed this:

{Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez} Locke & Key v06 Alpha & Omega-03

Now, I believe that dashed outlined place is the foundry and even though it has large barn-like doors, there’s another door on it, and that door is the door Bode-bird led Ty to. They never showed it when they showed the Foundry before and I don’t remember anything in there looking like it could undo the cremation, but it is the same building. There’s something in there, because he tried to take his dad there too, but I don’t know how that was going to work either.

And they never explained how the keys were assigned their powers. I guess some of this stuff might be addressed in v07, but I don’t know if that’s even going to be a thing anymore.

itanda replied: Nice catch on the foundry bit – maybe the first part was just hobby ironwork? So it’s not so weird that he can just make a key later? I need to re-read 6, I mostly chugged through it for the ending. (01.11.15)

I thought about it being a test run/practice, too. But he didn’t get the idea for the key until after he came out of the cabinet. It still could be practice, but there was no prelude to it, so it just sticks out .

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