Karakara Kemuri: Donten ni Warau V04

I want to say I knew it, but I didn’t–I just wanted it to be so very, very, very, badly. And if it happened, then I knew that something else, something specific, something equally as heartbreaking as my desire was wonderful would happen. And it did. I was already close to crying just looking at the first chapter title page for this volume. But I held back because otherwise, I wouldn’t be able read through the tears. But then I feel like I did know at the first mention of the weather. But I also thought about how Tenka’s plea for them to laugh resonated with me, and now I understand why.

But there is something I’m confused about. In the beginning, the Orochi were plural, but now they only talk about their being one. A plurality would partially explain the truth revealed in this volume, but if that is not the case, how do you explain the truth revealed in this volume?

Chuutarou… I think he left his brains in his hat. I know he’s being fueled by negative emotions, but why? He knows Naoto is a bad guy. Why didn’t he run away and run back to the shrine. More than avenging his brother, which would break Tenka’s heart if he knew, Chuutarou should’ve been by Soramaru’s side. He really needs him. Also, they shouldn’t let Chuutarou grow his hair any longer than it is now–it’s a tragedy in the making.

Hirari! So it is a reincarnation of sorts? However it works, I’m just really glad that it did. Now when is he going to meet Botan? Speaking of… Does Mutsuki know who Botan is? Or rather that Botan is who he wants to summon? And what’s his deal? His lineage makes me wary of him. Also, is the necklace Botan was wearing the same pattern as Hirari’s cuffs?

Oh, man! Chibi Tenka! The poor baby had tragic hair even back then. And what’s the deal with Papa Kumou’s hair? Is it just a style or is something up with his left eye?

And Shirasu is one to talk. Speaking coldly and condescendingly to Miss Half-Baked. He still feels duty-bound even though Tenka never treated him like that. If a man of his position cannot escape his way of life even when all else has turned to dust, how does he figure she, who did not even have half his spirit and strength, would be able to do it?

So sad that when Takamine finally gets some page-time, it comes to that. Wasn’t the slash over his eye enough? Must he endure even more? And if his memory is intact when he awakens, the burden of the knowledge he now has… I don’t envy him.

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