Morimoto Shuu: Jinjuu Houretsuden V01


Morimoto Shuu--Jinjuu Houretsuden V01 [3.7]

So, Li Fang says that his broken bones usually heal overnight, but this time it didn’t. Could it be that he really did exchange energy with Tou Ren and now that he’s injured, he can’t heal like he normally does because his energy level isn’t what it usually is?

I’m going to be honest, I don’t get what their powers are. Tuo Ren sends people back to Jusenkai, but I’m assuming all of the Imperial Army can do that. He made the fierce gust wind that quelled the fire when they first found Lu in the forest, but I’m sure that’s not the extent of it. However, I think the power that was inherited by Li Fang is the power to heal in various senses of the word. The Senkaijin either leave it to time or exchange energy with each other to get back to normal, so overnight healing doesn’t appear to be a trait they all possess. Also, both Tuo Ren and Na Sha commented on how calm they felt after being around Li Fang.

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