New Arrivals: House of M

Way back in the days that I can barely remember, I read superhero comics. I was very much into Spider-Man and X-Men. Back then, I also had a habit or sickness that made me feel unsatisfied until I had read everything there was to read for any given universe. With an interest in superhero comics, I’m sure you can see how troubled I was. The idea of never being able to know all there is to know about every permutation of a character or universe short circuited my brain and my interest in comics waned. In 2001 I was introduced to manga and the capes stopped flying for good. I still read American indie comics and some French stuff, but the Land of the Rising Sun had given me a world of black, white and gray and I ate it up.

Now, here I am about to read my first superhero comic in 14 years, almost to the month. zeusaurus is going to ruin me. He’s the one that broke my long running Bleach hiatus (though I really have to thank him for that because I probably wouldn’t have connected so well with superb-moon if he hadn’t). This time, he turned around and peered at me over my computer monitors and asked if I wanted to read it. He told me a bit about it, I heard some familiar names and I said alright. I carried it home yesterday and I’ll be reading it tonight or tomorrow.

I prefer black lines on white pages. Even before I started reading manga, I was never too keen on the full color pages of Marvel and DC. So, we’ll see how it goes.

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