New Arrivals: Orochi no Kishi and Silent Running

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I braved torrential rains to pick these up from the Post Office. Well, not exactly. The buckets of water from the sky didn’t start obscuring my path until I was leaving the Post Office. Anyhoo, the goodies are:

  • Itoshi & Lehanan Aida’s Orochi no Kishi
  • Itoshi, Shinjyu, & Washu M’s Silent Running

I haven’t read Orochi no Kishi, but it looks nice. The pages are of a decent quality; nice, crisp and bright white. However,the cover stock is not suitable for a book of this weight. It’s probably only a few mils thinner than what you would find on SuBLime’s print titles and just a few more thinner than Viz or Juné, but it’s a noticeable difference. If it’s just sitting there, there’s no problem, of course, but during handling I feel as if I need to be extra careful. If the book slips and you succeed in catching it by the cover, the weight of the pages could easily cause the cover to separate from the bulk. I’m not a klutz, but stupid things happen, so I’m concerned.

Silent Running was a very quick read, like, omake quick and I was kind of enh about it until the end which made me smile and giggle a bit. The artwork is nice with good detail, although the faces lean toward the generic side. They kind of remind me of some of the lower quality CG animated faces in films like Vexille, where they fall into this weird space between realistic and generic and characters of a certain age, regardless, of gender, look pretty much the same. If it was more stylized or leaned a little closer to realistic, I probably wouldn’t feel the need to comment, but as it does not, I do. That aside, it was cute and I’ve got extras, so at few people are going to get a free oneshot.

I’ll probably start on Orochi no Kishi tonight, so it will be in The Bookshelf queue soon enough.

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