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Yamashita Tomoko: Don’t Cry, Girl

Don’t Cry, Girl is a laugh-a-minute story about 17-year old Taeko who has been ousted from her parents’ home and sent to live with her dad’s friend, Masuda. Quite literally from the door the hilarity begins. She arrives at his place and he greets her while wearing nothing but a welcoming expression. As any normal […]

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{Yamashita Tomoko} Bara no Hitomi wa Bakudan-01

Storytelling: Yamashita Tomoko

I’ve always wanted to read a story in which the main couple worked really hard to get together, finally did, and ended with the happiest of endings, but in the next volume or continuation, they’re no longer together, dating other people or trying to. This ever after volume would not be about them finding their […]

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