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{Natsumizu Ritsu} Yamada-kun to Tanaka Kachou

Caught My Eye: Kari, Natsumizu, and More

I love this cover. The detail, the perspective the colors. Even before I knew it was a collection of her original doujinshi, the cover alone told me that her kink flag would be flying high in this. I’ve read all of the previously published included stories, but since I’m not into into bondage, I think […]

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Yamada Yugi: Seinen 14 Sai

Seinen 14 Sai is a collection of stories by one of my favorite mangaka. The title story runs several chapters and is about two guys clumsily navigating their way from friends to lovers. The remainder of the volume contains stories about a landlord and tenant with a steamy bathroom scene; two friends and the morning […]

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Notes: Embrace the Shota

#this is seriously sexy #temperature up and everything #However— I feel weird about that because they’re both kids #so… not sweet and fluffy #very hot— but too hot for kids #I’m conflicted This is my tagmentary from when I initially reblogged the above image. I received some interesting responses. My favorite response might be, “embrace […]

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Aida Saki & Yamada Yugi--It's Only Love

Aida Saki & Yamada Yugi: Love Series

It’s Only Love and Tired of Waiting for Love are the beginnings of a sexy series, so sexy. Takatsudo and Sawaragi effortlessly dripped their alpha maleness all over the pages and I just lapped it up. There is a 3rd story, a novel, Snow Petal (Hanabira Yuki), that continues the story of Sawaragi and Shuuya […]

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Yamada Yugi: Unexpected Couple

Actually, I was in erotic shock that I couldn’t hold back my vomit! I puked ‘happy spew!’ – from “KABOOM” Who writes lines like that? That’s why I love Yamada Yugi. This is a collection of short stories. The first and third stories, “Unexpected Couple” and “KABOOM,” respectively, are spin-offs of the Close the Last […]

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{Miyamoto Kano} End of Youth-01-hands

Notes: To be Continued…

As a writer, I know every story has an ending. As a reader, I know this as well, but it is my reader’s heart that holds out hope that the story will continue. This hope has caused me to scour the internet for the non-existent next volume, finding nothing but other works by the author—this […]

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