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{Grace Ellis, Noelle Stevenson, & Brooke A. Allen} Lumberjanes V01

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Nomura Mizuki: Book Girl – I only have … and the Suicidal Mime (v01). I can’t remember why I bought it. I haven’t decided if I’m going to continue the series–I haven’t even finished the one I have yet. There are 8 volumes total. James Tynion IV & Michael Dialynas: The Woods – I have volume 1–the only collected […]

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New Arrivals: The Woods V01: The Arrow

The first volume is here! This is the first print comic I’ve purchased since I started reading comics again. I love digital, really–it’s my preference for all but a few things–but I still love the feel of new books in my hand. I got the first issue from comixology on NCBD, but I didn’t read […]

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