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Takaguchi Satosumi--Nanahikari V01 [4.3]

Takaguchi Satosumi: Nanahikari V01-V07

I love the way she writes interactions between older men or even just the way she writes any man, but especially those well into their twenties (this is “older” by BL standards) and beyond. Tenryu-san, Papa Usagi, Watari. I enjoyed this, but around volume 4, it felt like she was giving up. It turns out […]

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Takaguchi Satosumi--Pink V01 [4.5]

Takaguchi Satosumi: Pink V01-V03

Using the adult manga industry as both a backdrop and a catalyst, Takaguchi Satosumi whips out a tale called Pink. This is the story of a high-schooler named Usaki who has dreams of becoming a mangaka, Benio, an experienced manga script writer who wants the kid to draw for his new adult series, and all […]

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