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{Kawai Toko} The Scent of Apple Blossoms V03 [4.9]

Kawai Toko: The Scent of Apple Blossoms V01-V03

Kawai Toko never disappoints me. Shuu’s expression on the cover of volumes 2 and 3 reflect the extent to which he has changed/softened since he began dating Haruna. I enjoyed this a lot. I cracked up and cried; most of the tears happened while reading volume 3. In relationships where there appear to be set […]

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Takatsuki Noboru: Oku-san’s Daily Fantasies

I like Takatsuki’s art, but the stories are usually middle of the road for me. Oku-san’s, in particular, was one that felt like a chore to get through. I’m not saying that it’s bad (I did like most of the closing chapters), but the daily fantasy format–chapters lasting only 10 or so pages and making […]

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