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Nagai Saburou: Boys, Be Ambitious

It was over the top to be sure, but I love that Nagai’s aesthetic has range. Similar to two of my favs Yamada Yugi and Kunieda Saika, she seems to relish the “ugly face.” But even with the Araya Miki meets Habuyama Hebiko-like exaggeration, there are still stories being told. This collection includes the title […]

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Aniya Yuiji: Perfect Training

It was OK, but it just felt like I was reading a collection of extras, especially since some of the stories were related to some of her other works–including a drama CD–which are not readily available. That’s not really a mark against the volume, but more of a note on the decision to publish it […]

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Yoneda Kou--NightS-01

New Arrivals: NightS

Look what I got! I’m so excited. I was practically bouncing the whole drive home from the Post Office. It’s incredible, this feeling. The feeling of holding another Yoneda Kou book in my hands. The feeling of knowing I’ll be able to browse my shelf and see this bound pleasure nestled in with the rest […]

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{Kusama Sakae} Lost Letters [4.2]

Kusama Sakae: Goat Mail Series

The Match Seller I love how Kusama can write a story with multiple characters and locations and it still feels like everyone’s isolated. This was simultaneously blithe and dizzying with characters running from place to place, always missing each other, actually and metaphorically, but somehow still taking their time with things. Lost Letters This sequel […]

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Kuku Hayate: Sword and Mist

I wasn’t drawn to this title, but my friend Gaby recommended it to me a while back, but it was only now that I was able to actually check it out. I’m glad I did. Sword and Mist was a pretty entertaining read. It’s the story of two wolves from rival clans who fall for […]

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Miyamoto Kano--Sleeping Moon v01-01

New Arrivals: Sleeping Moon

My copy arrived in the mail today! This is my first print title from SuBLime. This is also the first official MK English translation since the release of the Overload (Rules) doujinshi back in December of 2010. Although it goes without saying, I’m going to say it anyway: the color page is very much appreciated. […]

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{Kano Shiuko} Punch Up V01 [4.7]

Kano Shiuko: Punch Up V01-V04

I love Kano Shiuko’s Punch Up!, from beginning to end and back again. I feel the need to express this every time I read it. However, volume 3 never fails to tear my heart out. For me, it’s like that part in a movie where you have to pause and walk away for a bit […]

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