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Aimee Nicole Walker--Fated Hearts Book 1 - Chasing Mr. Wright

Aimee Nicole Walker: Fated Hearts Series

Running commentary, spoilers, and complaints ahead. The first three were originally posted on my running commentary Tumblr. Chasing Mr. Wright (Book 1) Rundown: Grayson has been with the same guy for the last ten years and it stopped being fun a while ago. Chase is guarded from past hurts and does everything he can to […]

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Notes: Rethinking David & Katsuya

As of this post, for the In These Words universe, I’ve read chapters 1-11, WAYF, NYM, FDNH, OoTN, MS, Equilibrium, FF, and the Undertow preview. Since this is not a review, there will be spoilers for some of the titles I’ve listed. Proceed with caution. I think I’m going to go on a brief ITW […]

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Notes: NEIGHBOR [Spoilers up to Pg. 38]

I am enjoying this webcomic so much. There are so many great moments. [pg 27] This is one of my favorites. Adam’s perfect boyfriend multitasking had me in fits! I can’t get over it. This little gesture just makes it for me. I’m not the only one though, it gave Paris pause as well. Oh and […]

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{Elephant Wendigo} Outwards [3.0]

Elephant Wendigo: Outwards

A bunch of exiles run across a man passed out in the desert. They take him back to their camp and treat him. The man has a telltale tattoo on his face that marks him as a murderer, but only the leader seems to know its significance. They need a worker and he needs not […]

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Yamila Abraham: Maelstrom

Maelstrom was my attempt to realistically show how a straight manly guy could be seduced by another guy.  Demetri is a macho hetero who rather cut off his leg than kiss a man. Malstrum seduces him smoothly and sweetly. There’s no noncon. Demetri falls head over heals [sic] with him. He’s very conflicted about it, […]

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Haikyuu!! c120 p07a

Notes: Haikyuu!! – Of Captains and Cowards

I really love it when I’ve gotten so into a story that I end up on a very similar wave length as the author. And I don’t mean that I can predict the story, but in a way that I often feel, “you know, I think it’s time for XYZ to happen and so-and-so would […]

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Furudate Haruichi: Haikyuu!! V04-V06

The series is still good; I’m just as excited as I was after reading the first volume. He doesn’t go too deep into it, but I was happy to see Kenma’s annoyance with the senpai-kouhai relationship. The other instances in which I’ve seen it mentioned in relation to someone’s dissatisfaction, it was always laughed off. […]

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Notes: Bleach 572 – 576

I just needed to get it out, so the thoughts aren’t really organized. Beware: Lots of rambling below. I was a little upset that Yachirou got taken out so quickly, her zanpakutou has a lot of potential. And what the … Seriously, Rose and Kensei? I feel cheated. Kira and Hisagi are crying their hearts […]

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