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Random Shelf: Mizushiro, Ogawa, and More

Eiki Eiki: Millennium Prime Minister – I didn’t think I was going to like this one, but I bought it because I’m fan of Eiki & Co. It was really good and the BL follow up, Yuigon was good, too. Kotegawa Yua: Anne Freaks – I can’t remember what it’s about. My sister rec’d it to me some years […]

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Random Shelf: Kawahara and Tsuda

I’m sitting next to my completed shoujo series bookshelf. I love being surrounded by books. I’d show you guys the rest of the bookshelf, but I’d have to get up to do that and I’m really comfortable right now. Tsuda Masami: Kare Kano – I’d have lots of shoujo babies with this series if I […]

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Yamashita Tomoko: Don’t Cry, Girl

Don’t Cry, Girl is a laugh-a-minute story about 17-year old Taeko who has been ousted from her parents’ home and sent to live with her dad’s friend, Masuda. Quite literally from the door the hilarity begins. She arrives at his place and he greets her while wearing nothing but a welcoming expression. As any normal […]

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