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Sagawa Miku: Kamoku na Kohi Okubyou na Kurumi V01-V02

The story picks up where it left off after Takaichi’s confession in Kizu darake no Otokotachi. Takaichi, who is reserved, patient, and thoughtful and Okuya, who is shy, nervous, and earnest, are just starting out in their relationship. They are so early in the relationship and Okuya’s so new at the whole interacting with people […]

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{Sagawa Miku} Kataomoi to Room Share-05

Storytelling: Sagawa Miku

It’s official. I adore Sagawa Miku. Reading her works makes me so happy and gushy and giddy. And wrapped up in all of the sweetness are some great moments. It’s interesting how she sort of dangles some of the BL clichés about for the sake of acknowledging them, but just sweeps right on by them […]

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