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Garrett Leigh--Misfits

Garrett Leigh: Misfits

Tom and Cass, co-owners of a multifaceted food service company, have been together for nine years and have a love so strong that no one understands. Tom and Cass also have an open relationship and aren’t in the habit of hiding their bed mates, not that they flaunt them–no one understands that either. But their […]

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Garrett Leigh--What Remains

Garrett Leigh: What Remains

I’ve had What Remains on my wishlist for a while. I absolutely love the cover. Love it. But what’s even better is that the story was good, too. Rupert and Jody had been together for four years when Jodi was hit by a stolen car and ended up in a coma. Part One, the first third […]

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Abigail--The Gravedigger's Brawl

Abigail Roux: The Gravedigger’s Brawl

I picked this up as a way to give Roux a chance to redeem herself, show me what she could do with a story solely of her own making. She kind of failed. The Gravedigger’s Brawl is about the lead curator at a history museum and a bartender at a gaslight/Victorian themed bar and the […]

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Abigail Roux--A Sidewinder Story Book 1 - Shock & Awe

Abigail Roux: Sidewinder Trilogy

So I finished the Cut & Run spin-off and, for the most part, I liked it. I think that Nick and Kelly were an interesting couple. Mostly because Nick is such an interesting character–sly and gruff, but caring; the pillar of strength for the Sidewinder crew; the go-to guy who would always be there for […]

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Abigail Roux--Cut & Run Book 9 - Crash & Burn

Abigail Roux: Crash & Burn

Nine volumes. Done. The boys make their last stand. After the chaos of the wedding on the Scottish isle, Zane comes home to a promotion and Ty comes home to life sans badge and gun. But nothing’s changed, there’s still so many loose ends from all that happened and all that’s been happening–no rest for […]

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Abigail Roux--Cut & Run Book 8 - Ball & Chain

Abigail Roux: Ball & Chain

I’ve made it to book eight. Deuce, Ty’s brother, is getting married in Scotland and his in-laws, the Stantons, have been receiving threats–corporate espionage and all that. He asks Ty to invite one of his Recon buddies along for some extra protection. Ty calls up Nick and tells him to bring a date and a […]

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Abigail Roux--Cut & Run Book 7 - Touch & Geaux

Abigail Roux: Touch & Geaux

Book seven. It started out with the same trope-y feeling, like the story was getting worse with no redemption in sight, but that didn’t last long. The boys get bullied into taking part in a charity calendar. And I gagged at that. That shoot put them in a mood and they were all ready to […]

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Abigail Roux--Cut & Run Book 6 - Stars & Stripes

Abigail Roux: Stars & Stripes

Against the backdrop of exotic animal and drug trafficking, Ty and Zane come out to their families, though not entirely by choice. Ty’s mother calls him home to West Virginia for a bit of manual labor and Zane tags along. After they’re outed and things are relatively settled, Zane’s sister calls him to tell him […]

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