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Orochi no Kishi-07

Itoshi & Lehanan Aida: Orochi no Kishi Pt.2

I think I had a mental meltdown over this book. My whole reading experience with it was pretty unorthodox for me. I usually hold off on talking about anything until I’ve finished reading it or the first volume, but I just couldn’t shut up about this one. I read the first 280 pages and wrote […]

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Miyoshi Ayato: Boku to Neko to Hatsukoi Kousa

This is a straightforward best friends-to-lovers story. It’s very cute and the main characters, Maa-chan and Tai-chan, act like best friends who are in love with and having sex with each other. I think they both display the right balance of confusion, hesitation, and impulse for their personalities and circumstances. I was happy to see […]

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Yamada Yugi: Seinen 14 Sai

Seinen 14 Sai is a collection of stories by one of my favorite mangaka. The title story runs several chapters and is about two guys clumsily navigating their way from friends to lovers. The remainder of the volume contains stories about a landlord and tenant with a steamy bathroom scene; two friends and the morning […]

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Amagakure Gido: 100 Blossoms to Love

I posted nine of my favorite yakuza themed stories and my friend asked, “you never read 100 Blossoms to Love?” So, obviously I was missing out on something, because it seemed not only like she expected me to have read it, but if I had, it would have definitely made the list. Or I could […]

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Masao Sangatsu--Soredemo Kamawanai [4.3]

Masao Sangatsu: Soredemo Kamawanai

Masao never fails to deliver the megane and the laughs! Poor Megane-mine, right from the door, it didn’t look good for him. But I have to say, Masao does wonders with the socially awkward types. She manages to keep them interesting and doesn’t take it so far that the character becomes too far-fetched or annoying. […]

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Kusama Sakae--Mahiru no Koi [4.5]

Kusama Sakae: Mahiru no Koi

Hajime is a nutcase. It’s just too funny; I really enjoyed how the accusations and suspicions of infidelity were responded to by Mahiru. After a while he just dismissed the somewhat imagined gravity of the situations and sort of humored Hajime by not actually getting angry. Reading this felt like sitting around and yucking it […]

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