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Sagawa Miku: Kamoku na Kohi Okubyou na Kurumi V01-V02

The story picks up where it left off after Takaichi’s confession in Kizu darake no Otokotachi. Takaichi, who is reserved, patient, and thoughtful and Okuya, who is shy, nervous, and earnest, are just starting out in their relationship. They are so early in the relationship and Okuya’s so new at the whole interacting with people […]

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Ichikawa Kei: Blue Sky Complex

This was very cute and, as usual for Ichikawa, the pacing was perfect. The first three chapters were from Narasaki’s (megane) rather matter-of-fact and mellow point of view. You see them go from strangers to something like friends with a few surprise kisses thrown in. Narasaki seems like he’s just along for the ride most […]

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Strangely Katie: Princess Princess

This was extremely cute and probably too funny for me to be reading at whatever o’clock in the A.M. that I was reading it. It stealthily and not so stealthily confronts issues like body image, idealism, privilege, gender expectations, and a few others. Many modern stories about good versus evil either ends with the villain […]

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Ichikawa Kei: Colorful Line

It’s been a while since I scored something near-perfect. It’s always troublesome because I feel obligated to talk about it and for one reason or another, I’m not always able to. I really just want ramble on incoherently about it, but I think I owe it to the story to do more than sit here […]

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