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Yoneyama Kyuyu: Free Soul

The narration is by the main character, Chihomi who has fallen crazy in love with the new hire, Satoshi, at the cafe she works at. Even though she’s talking about herself throughout the story, I don’t feel like the story is about her at all. It’s definitely about Satoshi and Chihomi is just a device […]

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dee Juusan: Grey is… V01

In the seven chapters that I read, I found out how White (the guy dressed in black) and Black (the guy dressed in white) met, some of the things Black’s been up to since then, some of the things that’s happened to and around Black before and since then, but not very much about White. […]

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{Antoine Cossé} Harold [3.0]

Antoine Cossé: Harold

The art is nice and if the panels on a few pages were redone, it could tell a different, wordless story–like something that might have aired on a mature version of Pinwheel–but as it is, the actual story is rather dull.

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Chabouté: Zoé

The ending left me a little dazed. Zoé gets out of jail and leaves the city to live in the house her grandmother left her. The town is aged with a dwindling population, but Zoé seems to like it enough. That is, until she learns the town’s secret. It’s the kind of story that even when you […]

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Marvel: Heroes for Hope

Back in the days of Live Aid and “We are the World,” people with a voice and an audience were putting forth the effort to combat famine across the world, but mostly in Africa. Heroes for Hope was Marvel’s contribution. I am positive that comic book store shelves were emptied of this title solely for […]

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