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{Natsumizu Ritsu} Yamada-kun to Tanaka Kachou

Caught My Eye: Kari, Natsumizu, and More

I love this cover. The detail, the perspective the colors. Even before I knew it was a collection of her original doujinshi, the cover alone told me that her kink flag would be flying high in this. I’ve read all of the previously published included stories, but since I’m not into into bondage, I think […]

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Psyche Delico: Choco Strawberry Vanilla

I’ve never read a story about a multi-person relationship that convinced me that it was a healthy relationship where everyone got what they wanted and there was a balance, not like 50/50, but in the sense that the way things were truly worked for them. And this is really no different in that aspect; however, […]

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