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New Arrivals: Orochi no Kishi (Reprint + New Cover)

New cover featuring Mouse with Sadao and Tagata in the background. I love this cover. When they first changed artists–Lehanan Aida did the cover and interior illustrations for the first edition Then Aldaria was brought on to do the illos for the second edition–I thought it was going to take some time for me to […]

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{Itoshi, Lehanan Aida, & Aldaria} Orochi no Kishi (Reprint)-02

New Arrivals: Orochi no Kishi (Reprint)

I’m very excited. It’s been some time since I read it, so I’m looking forward to having my heart broken again. AND I can’t wait to see the Hourglass preview! I was more than happy with Aida’s Mouse and Sadao and I thought it was going to take me a while to get used to […]

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Orochi no Kishi-07

Itoshi & Lehanan Aida: Orochi no Kishi Pt.2

I think I had a mental meltdown over this book. My whole reading experience with it was pretty unorthodox for me. I usually hold off on talking about anything until I’ve finished reading it or the first volume, but I just couldn’t shut up about this one. I read the first 280 pages and wrote […]

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Itoshi & Lehanan Aida--Orochi no Kishi-09

New Arrivals: Sadao & Mouse Print

An 8×10 of Sadao & Mouse from Itoshi and Lehanan Aida’s Orochi no Kishi. I’ve taken a sufficient vacation from the novel, so now I think I can return to it with a renewed sense of wonder and finish my write up on Sadao (and read the rest of the story). I mean, it’s only been three […]

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Orochi no Kishi-Mouse-01

Sketched: Mouse

of Itoshi, Lehanan Aida, & Aldaria’s Orochi no Kishi, et al. This was originally Pt.2 of the full review. I wanted to get into the story and the main characters, at least through the first 280 pages or so, but this includes some spoilers. I usually try not to include any, but some of the […]

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Itoshi & Lehanan Aida: Orochi no Kishi Pt.1

Itoshi & Lehanan Aida’s Orochi no Kishi is the first novel from the new indie BL/MM publisher, Yaoi Revolution. The story is set more than half a century into the future from now on what I hope is an alternate timeline. It’s like the frontier lands, sans the promise of and hope for a brighter […]

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