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{Ogawa Chise} Caste Heaven-02

Storytelling: Ogawa Chise Pt. 2

Ogawa Chise is dangerous and I love it. How can she write things that I am against and intrigue me with them? Usually, with BL, you can be certain that whatever horrors fall upon the uke at the hands of the seme, they will be washed away with an unearned and unbelievable happy ending. However, […]

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Ogawa Chise: Gosan no Heart

I enjoyed this. The main story is my kind of story. Ogawa’s really good at derailing her characters’ plans. She likes to make them lose their way only to find themselves where they belong, though that’s usually not where they were headed. Udou submits to Miki who in turn submits to Udou who in turn, […]

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{Ogawa Chise} Ouji no Hakoniwa-03

Storytelling: Ogawa Chise

I have some secondary thoughts regarding Ogawa Chise. She is fond of the possessive, controlling seme. She put quite the spin on it in Kono Ore ga Omae Nanka Suki na Wakenai (2012), so that it registered but didn’t set off any alarms. I like the possessive, controlling seme, but there’s a line that’s easily […]

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