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Shelved: March 2018

Back to M/M this month. But not only M/M. I’ve restarted a read-with for Oda Eiichiro’s One Piece with my friend, Sam. When we first decided to do it was probably two or three years ago at this point. Maybe more. He’s Captain Procrastination and then I found myself too busy. Bad timing all the […]

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Xchg: I’m new here but, I was just wondering why you like Bleach so much. Also, have you checked out the other series of the big 3 (Naruto and One Piece)?

Asked by sabaody-go Hello there! Thanx for hanging out! I’ll get to bleach in a minute. Naruto. I tried it and while I liked the majority of the cast, I couldn’t stand the three main characters. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura annoyed me. So it was difficult to stick with knowing I’d have to read them […]

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