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{Natsumizu Ritsu} Yamada-kun to Tanaka Kachou

Caught My Eye: Kari, Natsumizu, and More

I love this cover. The detail, the perspective the colors. Even before I knew it was a collection of her original doujinshi, the cover alone told me that her kink flag would be flying high in this. I’ve read all of the previously published included stories, but since I’m not into into bondage, I think […]

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Natsumizu Ritsu--Inu mo Arukeba Koi wo Suru [4.3]

Natsumizu Ritsu: Inu Koi Series

I laughed the whole way through. With each work I read by Natsumizu, my appreciation grows. I’m having a hard time finding the words to describe the dynamic she creates within her couples. There are a lot of times she seems to be going down a tried path, but hits you with a development that […]

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[Juné] {Natsumizu Ritsu} Good Morning [4.6]

Natsumizu Ritsu: Good Morning

We all like little surprises, but more than the ones that bring on the warm fuzzies and uncontrollable blushing, I prefer the surprises that make me a bit uncomfortable or appalled even. I enjoy it when life-like bits of cruelty and ignorance exist amongst the sparkles and flowers. I never had high praises for Natsumizu […]

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