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Momoyama Naoko: Love in My Heart

This was a cute and quirky collection of stories. But just like most of Momoyama’s work, they leave off at point where you expect more or at least a more tidy conclusion. I prefer longer stories, but I’ll take her type of stories over stories of any length with underdeveloped plots and characters any day.

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[DMG] {Momoyama Naoko} Love in My Heart [4.2]

New Arrivals: DMG BL Manga

I picked these up the other day. Taumi Mayu: Love and a Sin – I’ve never read anything by her, but I like the cover art and the synopses were interesting. Taumi Mayu: Sumida River Love Suicide – Same. Tanaka Suzuki: Slow Starter – I knew it wasn’t, but I wish this was the Slow Starter by Ichikawa Kei (it’s […]

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