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Hamada Kamome: Ohayou to Oyasumi to Sono Ato ni V03

Caught My Eye: Ichikawa, Masao, and More

She favors a very particular kind of intimacy for her covers. The angry faces. I can’t really explain, but they are the best part of the already cool cover. I guess because it’s both of them rather than one (usually the uke) who seems to be annoyed or inconvenienced. I love the look of the […]

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Masao Sangatsu--Soredemo Kamawanai [4.3]

Masao Sangatsu: Soredemo Kamawanai

Masao never fails to deliver the megane and the laughs! Poor Megane-mine, right from the door, it didn’t look good for him. But I have to say, Masao does wonders with the socially awkward types. She manages to keep them interesting and doesn’t take it so far that the character becomes too far-fetched or annoying. […]

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Masao Sangatsu: Nozomu Beku mo Nai

I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read by her thus far and, in that respect, this is no exception. However, for me, this is her best one to date. It was good to see that Sumiyoshi didn’t just dismiss his careless habits as he pursued Shinomoto, but, instead, recognized that his past behavior would greatly impact the […]

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