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{Marvel} Big Hero 6 #02-02

Marvel: Big Hero 6 #2

Enter Fred. He seems like an unassuming slacker by appearance, but of course that can’t be. So, he just appears as the 6th member when they set up camp in New York. No explanation on why, we just now have a Fred in our midst. But I like Fred. He’s laid back and kind of […]

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Marvel: Big Hero 6 #1

This issue introduces the bulk of the new Big Hero 6 roster as they attempt to neutralize a threat that seemingly came out of nowhere. The readers’ guide, Hiro, is not your average kid genius; rather than the usual condescending, know-it-all attitude towards those around him, he’s well-liked, personable, has friends, and likes to sleep in. […]

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{Marvel} House of M-02

Marvel: House of M

I forgot about all the posturing in superhero comics; it is so funny. It took me a few pages to get the reading order straight. After years of reading manga I couldn’t follow the bubbles; at first it was funny, but then it was a headache. Initial reaction after only a few pages. Yes, it can […]

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New Arrivals: House of M

Way back in the days that I can barely remember, I read superhero comics. I was very much into Spider-Man and X-Men. Back then, I also had a habit or sickness that made me feel unsatisfied until I had read everything there was to read for any given universe. With an interest in superhero comics, […]

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