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New Arrivals: Bleach – Catching Up

I’m sure I’m not the only one who buys something they’ve been missing for a while and when they bring it home they just step back and stare at it, pull it close and hug it, and then rub their cheek against it. I’m sure I’m not alone… I’ll just keep telling myself that. I’m […]

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New Arrivals: All My Darling Daughters

Along with my other recent purchases, I finally pulled this off of my wishlist and put it in my cart. I like Yoshinaga; she writes wonderful BL, josei, seinen, and shoujo. Two of my favorite titles by her are Flower of Life (shoujo) and Don’t Say Anymore Darling (BL). Your message was so touching… “I’m […]

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Kawahara Kazune--High School Debut V01 [4.8]

Kawahara Kazune: High School Debut

So, Viz announced that they will be re-releasing one of the their titles, Kawahara Kazune’s High School Debut (Koukou Debut) as a 3-in-1 omnibus. HSD is one of my absolute favorite shojo titles. It’s a story about understanding that it’s OK to be yourself and how there’s more to friendship than just good times. Haruna, the female lead, is sweet, funny, earnest, […]

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New Arrivals: A Drunken Dream and Other Stories

I went to the Post Office to price the shipping on the C8YDG prizes and, in addition to an unexpected postcard (hehe), look what was waiting for me: Hagio Moto’s A Drunken Dream and Other Stories. It took FOREVER for them to arrive. I ordered them in May. I bugged them periodically, asking if they […]

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