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Kusama Sakae--Mahiru no Koi [4.5]

Kusama Sakae: Mahiru no Koi

Hajime is a nutcase. It’s just too funny; I really enjoyed how the accusations and suspicions of infidelity were responded to by Mahiru. After a while he just dismissed the somewhat imagined gravity of the situations and sort of humored Hajime by not actually getting angry. Reading this felt like sitting around and yucking it […]

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{Kusama Sakae} Lost Letters [4.2]

Kusama Sakae: Goat Mail Series

The Match Seller I love how Kusama can write a story with multiple characters and locations and it still feels like everyone’s isolated. This was simultaneously blithe and dizzying with characters running from place to place, always missing each other, actually and metaphorically, but somehow still taking their time with things. Lost Letters This sequel […]

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Kusama Sakae: Spirit of First Love

This is a very early work of Kusama’s and you can tell. Originally released in 2004, her rough-hewn, yet graceful style was only roughhewn. Great strides in refinement were made from one year to the next; the evidence of which can be seen in Irome, a title that was published the following year. Story-wise, although […]

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[DMG] {Momoyama Naoko} Love in My Heart [4.2]

New Arrivals: DMG BL Manga

I picked these up the other day. Taumi Mayu: Love and a Sin – I’ve never read anything by her, but I like the cover art and the synopses were interesting. Taumi Mayu: Sumida River Love Suicide – Same. Tanaka Suzuki: Slow Starter – I knew it wasn’t, but I wish this was the Slow Starter by Ichikawa Kei (it’s […]

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